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404 656 1776


That is the phone number of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

If you have not accidentally dropped into Tolley’s Topics for the first time, I know you are a Republican. The Governor of Georgia is about to make a really stupid Anti-Trump decision. I hope you will open and read the following link then call and express your opinion to the governor before he makes his final decision.

404 656 1776


404 656 1776





The Editor:  Is your title significant, LL ?

Buffalo Springfield Cat:  It is, maybe our older readers can figure it out.  In the meantime here are some news items, for what they are worth.

Maybe the Demoskanks will drive millions to vote Republican.

People just  don’t pay attention to weather bulletins.

Mitt Romney and it appears Brian Kemp ( the guy sitting in for Stacy Abram as Georgia’s governor ) are no friends of America First.

Thanks again to our heroes.  We don’t need to send our troops to Mexico, THE WALL will do.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Mercury Crosses a Quiet Sun
Video Credit: NASA, SDO, NASA’s Science Visualization Studio; Music: Gustav Sting (Kevin MacLeod) via YouTube

Explanation: What’s that black dot crossing the Sun? The planet Mercury. Mercury usually passes over or under the Sun, as seen from Earth, but last month the Solar System’s innermost planet appeared to go just about straight across the middle. Although witnessed by planet admirers across the globe, a particularly clear view was captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in Earth orbit. The featured video was captured by the SDO’s HMI instrument in a broad range of visible light, and compresses the 5 1/2 hour transit into about 13 seconds. The background Sun was unusually quiet — even for being near Solar Minimum — and showed no sunspots. The next solar transit by Mercury will occur in 2032.

Tomorrow’s picture: the future of our Sun