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Pepsi’s Second Prank

Pepsi’s first Prank:  Remember when Jeff Gordon in disguise “test drove” a car with a terrified car salesman as his passenger?  
Pepsi’s first prank was criticized on the Internet to be a fake.
Pepsi’s Second Prank:  So to prove the critics wrong, they did another one. 
This time the victim is with one of the most critical journalists who wrote about their first prank. This is a must watch, because it is hilarious!

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Today’s edition of  THE SPHINX  is too good to miss. I hope you open the link shown in red print in which a chemistry student writes a paper proving that there is a Hell. (lol)

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Nature at work.


The Editor:  Is there a Hell, LL ?

Demon Cat:  I don’t know, but people are always talking about it.  You can go to Hell, have a snowball’s chance in Hell,  and even think of Hell freezing over ( to indicate a very long time ).  Here CNN is mentioned with Hell.  I do know it is Hell to watch.  Look at how the liberals try to say ( me and us ) have the same meaning.

A chemistry student proves that Hell exists.

Sometimes Hell is used as metaphor.

This could be Hell if you were nearby.

A little ( h )  in hell might mean something good.

To be “one hell of” a ride means that the ride is going to be impressive, completely crazy, thrilling, exhilarating, a “once in a lifetime experience”, perhaps even dangerous, life-threatening. The main idea behind the expression is that something is going to be big, dangerous and thrilling.

I do know Hell is busy, they have a highway going there.