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Too Bad You Back-Slid, Napp….

“Well, well….Napp Nazworth has back-slid. You take your thirty pieces of silver and run along now Napp…. I am sure there is still at least one vacancy left in Hell for you!”

-Sheila Tolley-


Another Christian Publication Editor Decides to Quit Rather Than Stop Writing Anti-Trump Zingers for a Living





Say it ain’t so Joe.   Check the comments.


The Editor:  Are we getting more justice, LL ?

More Judges Cat:   We still have a system of justice for the rich/political, and another for the rest of us, but maybe things are changing.  Trump is appointing a new judge for every lie Pigleosi tells.

This has to be corrected, now.

Speaking of Liberal Land they are losing population and conventions.

Here is a mystery—it might be a natural fissure in the ocean floor.

Judge Parker needs to preside over a few Washington, D. C. trials for traitors  ( attempted overthrow of the President ).

Here is an old favorite from Billy Joe.