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The Editor: We know Pigleosi is in charge of the Demodungbeetle House of Representatives circus, is there something else she  has screwed up, LL ?

The Old Cat And The Sea:  There sure is, here are videos of Carnival Cruise ships colliding.  What a bunch of incompetent Pigleosis.  From here to eternity Pigleosi will be remembered as a synonym  for a big time screw-up.  You would almost have to try very hard for two ( 2 ) ships this large to collide.—carnival-ceo-on-ship-collision-in-mexico.html

Hillgal is changing her book name to  ” What Happened—I Was Pigleosied “.

The great idea was telling the thousands of passengers to shop until they drop in Cozumel, Mexico.  The only thing more dangerous than a Carnival cruise is a visit to Mexico.  If the drug cartels don’t kidnap and ransom your lifeless body the MS 13 killers, that haven’t made it to America yet, will cut off your head.

Who is in charge, the miserable liar, Adam Schiff ?

TE:  What would you advise our loyal readers concerning ocean cruises, TOCATS ?

I wouldn’t go, not even if I won a cruise around the world. I would do like Otis and watch them crash from the dock.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Places for OSIRIS-REx to Touch Asteroid Bennu
Video Credit: NASA, GSFC, U. Arizona, SVS, OSIRIS-REx

Explanation: Where is the best place to collect a surface sample from asteroid Bennu? Launched in 2016, NASA sent the robotic Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) to investigate the 500-meter-across asteroid 101955 Bennu. After mapping the near-Earth asteroid’s dark surface, OSIRIS-REx will next touch Bennu‘s surface in 2020 August to collect a surface sample. The featured 23-second time-lapse video shows four candidate locations for the touch, from which NASA chose just one earlier this month. NASA chose the Nightingale near Bennu’s northern hemisphere as the primary touch-down spot because of its relative flatness, lack of boulders, and apparent abundance of fine-grained sand. Location Osprey is the backup. NASA plans to return soil samples for Bennu to Earth in 2023 for a detailed analysis.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space