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So Funny!

This is Lexi, she’s an 8 week-old German Shepherd. I bought Lexi as a Christmas surprise for my wife, but it turns out she is allergic to dogs. So we are now looking to find her a new home.

She is 68 years old, an attractive and caring woman who drives, is a great cook and keeps a clean house.



From: Hank Ashmore
The Deplorable Infidel


When all the illegal aliens were at the southern border attempting to cross into the United States, the moron American hating Democrats all cried constitutional crisis. All during the Mueller investigation, the moron American hating Democrats all cried constitutional crisis. When President Trump made a telephone call to the President of Ukraine, the moron American hating Democrats all cried constitutional crisis. Well, now the moron American hating Democrats have their constitutional crisis. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution states “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  Neither of the two Articles of Impeachment passed by the House Judiciary Committee comes close to meeting any of the criteria listed in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution. They are attempting to remove a sitting president only on the grounds they do not like him. This my friend is a constitutional crisis.

It makes me sick to my stomach watching the moron American hating Democrats on that committee waving copies of the Constitution and saying that they have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution.  If they would take time to read the Constitution, they would find out their two crummy Articles they proposed did not meet nor even come close to meeting the constitutional criteria for impeachment. The moron American hating Democrats only use the Constitution when it is to their benefit. They despise the document. They really did not need to have proposed but one Article of Impeachment. It should have read: BECAUSE WE HATE DONALD J. TRUMP. It would have just as much constitutional jurisdiction as the two they passed.

The Deplorable Infidel



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”

-Walter Williams-



I have said this before, but I think it is worth saying again. If Washington D.C. is a swamp, then the Okefenokee is the Garden of Eden.



“The right most valued by all civilized men is the right to be left alone.”

Supreme Court Judge Louis Brandeis


Friday Thirteenth…..Maybe Karma will visit the Dems?

Image result for friday 13"

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Karma would make a visit to the Dems today? She has got to be so weary from carrying that huge pack of payback around. Her load would be so much lighter if she could just make her way to “YE OLDE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS.”

It would turn this Friday 13th from a boring day into a day of fun for me.

I would even wash that sign shown above.

I wish I had a part-time job working for Karma. I would apply for the position of Mischievous Distributor of Justice. I would hang around the impeachment hearings all day and do little things that would make the Dems nervous.

I would tamper with the gavel so that every time Nadler or Schiff used it, it would scream loudly, “We Lied About Everything, or I love Donald Trump.” It would be like an uncontrollable Chatty Cathy Doll.

I would tamper with their vision so that each time they looked at a Republican, they would see their wife.

I would tamper with their speech so that every time they spoke, it would be in Russian.

I would tamper with their memory so that each time they spoke, they would switch sides and be in defense of Donald Trump.

I would tamper with their sense of touch so that every time they spoke to the media, they thought they walked into an inescapable spider web.

I would tamper with their Twitter Account.

BOY, would I have some fun! Can you just imagine the FUN I would have with their Twitter account?

-Sheila Tolley-


(Bye, bye now…I guess I should go and check myself into a facility somewhere.

Never mind….I thought about it.

I am going to apply for that Mischievous Distributor of Justice position.)





The Editor:  Isn’t Christmas wonderful with all the food, drink, and merriment LL ?

Little Baby Jesus Cat:  It sure is, I wish the Christmas spirit could last all year.  I hope everyone has batteries in their toys.  Oh, here is Gwyneth Paltrow with a special toy.

You can get a sweater at Walmart making this a special holiday.  No cookies and milk for this Santa.  He is probably looking at his GPS on his sleigh to make another stop at Gwyn’s house.

These gifts are not for those who can’t handle their fortunes.   The Sphinx is partial to number four ( 4 ).

Can you imagine Katie Hill with her thruple, and the Kentucky Judge  with her thruple.  They would still have room for Gwyn and Santa.  Oh, my.

Here is some information on The Twelve Days of Christmas.