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The answer to this is simple, they aren’t a news organization.


The  Editor:   What are you up to these last days of 2019, LL ?

Cosmos Cat:  I’m getting in harmony with the universe.  I hope to rise above politics, but in the mean time here are some interesting things.  Boeing has replaced the CEO with the Chairman who is just as guilty of manslaughter as the guy leaving.

It would be comforting to see Brennan in prison, or at least spend his unreported bribes on attorney fees.

The Canadian media is also deceitful.

This is funny, Bloomberg the Billionaire running for President as a Democrat had prisoners making political calls for his campaign.  He wanted women to make the calls because they were paid less than the $ 27.09 per MONTH the men earned.

TE:  Did he want them to pull themselves up by their boot straps, CC ?

(Hooh aah) (hooh aah) Cat:  He told them to pull themselves up by their ball & chain.

Old Red Covered Bridge

WGN 48-21-03 – Old Red or Walkersville CB – West Virginia- built in 1902 by John Sprigg in Lewis Co. spanning Right Fork West Fork River on Covered Bridge Rd. 1 span, 38 ft. long, queenpost trusses

According to the West Virginia Department of Transportation, the bridge was built by John Sprigg for $567 in 1903. The World Guide to Covered Bridges lists the construction date as 1902. Limited renovation was done in 1984, but in August 2002 a major restoration contract was advertised to replace the wooden siding and some deteriorated structural members. A $230,859 contract was awarded to Allegheny Restoration and Builders, Inc. of Morgantown and restoration was completed two years later.