Today is National Anthem Day…give it a second thought

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Tolley’s Topics Wishes You An Appreciative National Anthem Day. We are on the threshold of Bernie Sanders, a self- proclaimed Socialist/Communist leading the polls as the Democratic Nominee for President. He is now followed closely by Joe Biden, who shares Bernie’s platform but will not YET proclaim his Socialist status out loud. It is time to think seriously about our wonderful freedom in America which is only supported by Donald Trump in 2020.
-Sheila Tolley-

The Star Spangled Banner as you’ve never heard it….

If a person lives long enough they realize they can learn new things every day. Parts of this story, I never knew. It’s America’s history and this video is really awesome.

Too bad this video can’t be shown before all events to remind everyone why The National Anthem is played. If you do not get a little tear in your eye, as you watch this, then I feel sorry for you. You have yet to understand what this country is all about. Next time you see hats on, crotch pulling or people not standing at attention, during the playing of our National Anthem, remember this video.

Also remember, we have some misguided persons who want to change our National Anthem as the Star Spangled Banner is just too combative and portrays violence.




COVID-19 containment is a Democrat joke. The Southern border is wide open. Maybe it will inspire Americans to bring home all essential manufacturing. Things like electronics, communications, food, medicine, etc. should be made here. The closing of foreign manufacturing shows the failure of globalism.


The Editor: Is your article about wolves, LL ?

Call Of The Wild Cat: Kind of, it’s about an old fable. A boy yelled wolf so many times when there was none, that when an actual wolf showed up no one believed him.

I feel the same about everything the MSM reports about anything. The COVID-19 might be more dangerous than our regular flu, but so far it kills fewer infected people than our usual outbreaks.

TE: What do you do to prevent it, COTWC ?

I try to avoid crowds and lick my paws often.…0.0..0.370.2060.20j2j0j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131.EVY_zppWXEk#kpvalbx=_Z-lXXtvvDs_AsAWI_a-ADg22

Any rational person would not believe politicians and the media, after the past four ( 4 ) years of constant lies and deceit. The worriers need to get a drama button.

I sure hope Disney, who owns ABC-propaganda network, doesn’t lose over several billion dollars.

Katie Hill and CNN employees are partying like they are on the Love Boat.

Here is an old country song.