Bird’s Eye View



After watching the Dems continue on their primary mission of attacking Trump under any conditions, I think they have found a solution for the 2020 elections. I have been saying for some time that the establishment and elitists within their party have no intention of allowing Sleepy Joe Biden to be their candidate. The virus has been a godsend to this group on multiple fronts. First, it continues to shut down the economy which they will certainly blame on Trump this fall. The stall tactics in the Congress on a relief package for workers and small businesses only reinforces this strategy. They don’t care anything about the people most affected by the virus – only about how much power they will net from the crisis. These people are truly sick individuals. Second they want the stock market to continue its downward spiral without any regard to what is happening to retirement accounts, business failures, etc. Third, the virus is a convenient excuse to postpone the remaining presidential primaries so that Biden does not secure a majority of the delegates before their convention in July. This gives them an excuse to go with a brokered convention where they will gain immense power with their super delegates.

So Joe Biden is the place holder until they get to the convention. Until now they did not have a candidate to replace Joe. They also needed time to diminish Sanders so that he could not be a force at the convention. So far mission accomplished. Now to their chosen candidate. If I were a betting man I would put my money on Andrew Cuomo. They are using the crisis to provide him will daily news coverage of his handling of the crisis in New York. He is able to bash the Republicans on everything that is not going right without spending a dime. He can come in riding a white horse as the person who can go toe-to-toe with Trump in the debates. The question becomes is it too late to change horses and will the rest of the country support him? I don’t know but I think he provides better opportunities for down ticket Dems regardless of whether he wins in November. Remember this is the swamp. The first order of business is survival. I suspect Cuomo would win the far left states like NY and CA. But I think he would do poorly in the south and the farm states. So the industrial states in the north will be the swing states and I just don’t know how that will turn out given the current economic and health climate.

I think the race in November is now completely up in the air. Much will depend on how quickly we get the economy back on track. If this situation continues into the fall I think Trump would be in a fight for his survival. So stay tuned. I suspect the Chinese are very happy right now with the destruction they have sponsored for the rest of the world. But I think the seeds have been sown in this country to change many of the things we have done over the past 30 years. I believe that the Chinese will come to regret their actions sooner rather than later. The US will restart a new manufacturing boom and bring back millions of jobs that the globalists sent to China. The fat cats on Wall Street are already trying to pull investments out of China but are finding that China is stopping the flow of funds at every turn. They made a deal with the devil for short term profits and personal wealth. Those profits may be hard to retain as China becomes more aggressive at losing jobs and entire industries (such as drugs) in the next couple of years.

We are in a war like nothing we have ever seen before. I believe we have the right person fighting for us. My IRA account looks pretty sad right now but I think our President is going to bring this country back stronger than ever before. ALL HANDS ON DECK!!


ON My QUOTEBOX….Bye, bye bernie and joe

“The democrat party seems to be taking notice of New York governor Andrew Cuomo getting national attention trying to manage the Wuhan China virus. I wouldn’t be surprised if the party somehow jettisons both Sanders and Biden and drafts Cuomo as their presidential candidate, because it has become painfully obvious that neither Sanders nor Biden can manage any sort of mishap, let alone a major crisis. Neither could manage a one car funeral.”

-Bill Bowser-

Airline Cut-Backs Press Conference


Opening statement:  Aircraft now have reached a level of technology, in which the aircraft can take off, fly to its destination and land with computer control only… to cut expenses we will have only one pilot and a dog in the cockpit on our flights starting today.

Press:  If the aircraft can do all that why do you need a pilot?

Answer:  To feed the dog.

Press:  Then why do you need the dog?

Answer:  To make sure the pilot don’t touch any thing.