Archive | March 25, 2020




The Editor:  That covers a lot of our problems, LL.  What is the main point ?

Kitty Little Cat:  The main point is don’t believe anything you hear on the MSM or National Public Radio ( NPR ) without checking other sources.

This is a little history of Chicken Little.

TE:  Can you give a brief moral of the story, for our busy loyal readers, KLC ?

Abraham Lincoln Cat:  I sure can.  The fox is our Democrats/Progressives, the MSM, and open border creeps, Cocky Locky is President Trump trying to save America.  The hens are us, the American people.

Here is Trump saving free enterprise from the demosfromHell.

Be hopeful, like Chip, Chip.

Trump wants Pigleosi and Schumersatan to try this.

TE:  Is there anyone to speak to the financial situation, ALC ?

Benjamin Franklin Cat:  There sure is.  Cardi B is the new face of the gangster Democratic Party.  She will get a tax break and her friends in prison will be released because of the Red Chinese Communist Death Coronavirus Wuhan Flu.  No orange jumpsuits needed, and they can use their own underwears.