ON MY SOAPBOX…Joe, Joe gotta have mo jo!



I promise this Soapbox Presentation is preceded by only one small Margarita.

What do I personally think about the plan of the DNC? First of all, evidently…Old Socialist Bernie never had a chance, even though I truly thought he was doing a great job of snuffing out Joe Biden. The Dems could not allow Hammer & Sickle Sanders to beat Sleepy Joe in South Carolina. No matter how much Democrat-Donkey Trading was required, Biden’s firewall had to be protected. So…obama called James Clyburn (Majority Whip…D-SC) and told him to open envelope #3. It was time to put the “MO JO OUT FOR JOE JOE.”

Somebody wake up Sleepy Joe! Show him a picture of his wife and sister and hope he can distinguish the difference for a moment. Oh well….that did not happen, so we will just say that, “Joe has always had such charm.”

Old Charming, Senile, Sleepy, Joe. Ain’t he a sweetheart!

So now, here we are. A previous Democrat crook said…”What will we do with this old senile fool at the next debate? He is like a Weeble-Wobble, he cannot even stand up on his own, the camera will be on him 50% of the time since the queer and billionaire folded to obama’s promises?”

The DNC said, “No problem, Mr. Kerry….we will change the next debate to a “sit down arena and if need be, we will bring in Lazy Boy Recliners.”

Sleepy Joe will win the nomination if he keeps his previous promise of one year ago…”that he will only run for one term.” That is not quite good enough to satisfy all the Democrat crooks. He will also commit to Hillary (Witch) Clinton as his VP running mate. And, of coarse, he must agree to all of obama’s (mandatory) cabinet suggestions, in order to get that GOLDEN obama ENDORSEMENT!

Oh, well….maybe, maybe not!

Perhaps it was one EL GRANDE Margarita that preceded this Soapbox Presentation.


Wait A Minute…. The Dems are good at Insurance Policies. Allegedly, Peter Strock and Lisa Page said, “If all else fails, shortly after old Joe wins, the Dems will use the  25th Amendment and admit that Old Joe is Crazier than an OUTHOUSE RAT…”Bless his heart”…but wasn’t he a charming old fella?” Then Hillary will be out first female president.

Please Jesus, come back before this happens….you promised us  locusts..not Hillary.

Joe Biden’s Firearms Advice

And he wants to be President of the United States of America. Really?

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