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“An old Nehi bottle and fresh spring flowers from the back yard. Beauty is usually within your reach.”

-Sheila Tolley-

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We hope this is the next to last time that we report on Ms Griffin.


The Editor:  Is your article about Joe Biden, LL ?

Punjab Cat:  It sure is, he has almost disappeared.  We think this was him in India.

TE:  One of the announcers seems a little inexperienced in English, PC.

Don’t Touch Those Wires Cat:  We run into those problems in the subcontinent and Asia.  Sometime when I talk to our reporter from Bombay I think I have called with a question about  customer service for my computer.  If that was Joe climbing out of the airplane window I can understand.  I hope Joe was also informed about not touching any wires.

The wires in India can be as confusing as a Democratic Ethics Investigation by Nancy Pigleosi.

Joe might be in training for the Milwaukee Convention.  After more thought, the wires look like phone taps by the FBI and CIA on the White House.