Our God Given Rights



The twenty-two-minute u tube video shown below explains Congress’ plan  to implement contact tracing. HR-6666 that will affect you, and everyone you know. When I looked at this short video a friend sent to me on Contact Tracing, it was an eye opener for me. All of a sudden I saw the big picture and it was not pretty. This is already in effect in India. They tell you, it is voluntary, but you will soon find out that you will not be able to take a train, plane, bus or virtually anything unless you conform to the tracing. Gee, it sure sounds a lot like the “Mark of the Beast.”

Yes, they tell you it is voluntary, but you will soon find out that you will not be able to buy food, travel, or go to the Doctor unless your name is on the Contact Tracing list. In other words, this would force you to volunteer to be on that list. This is just around the corner and will hit you in the face before you know it.  Keep awake, be a watchman, you do not want this.  You will be traced everywhere you go, and if you come into contact with someone that was on the same bus, plane, theater, restaurant, etc., diagnosed with COVID, you will then be contacted and told you must quarantine for 14 days.  “Now you get it”?  That is why it is called Contact Tracing. If this passes, no one will escape it. You will have never known “What Control Is”, until you get under this, and then what will happen next? I would hate to even think about that.

I personally think the reason  they already have people trained and ready to go as Contact tracers, is because this has already been in effect for years with Cattle and some farm animals. Surely you remember back some years ago when we experienced the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. After that they implemented a program that would trace that cow from birth to it slaughter, so that they could keep track if another outbreak happened they would know what cows were together, and where they were.

Now listen all you Heifers, and Sheeple, keep your ear to the ground and as soon as you hear this HR-6666 is on its way to the Senate, it is time for you and all your herd to stampede the Senators Offices, with emails and phone calls, and please let all the herd’s in the pastures around you know of this attempt to take over and control us as cattle. Get together, fight together, and win together, “Or” you may have nothing much to live for my friend.



God Bless America and President Trump!

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