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Shinola Editor:  What is stupid, LL ?

Kiwi Cat:  This is the dumbest thing I have heard since the goofball at Coca-Cola changed the recipe.  Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A wants white people to polish or clean shoes of black people. It’s a private company so good luck with that.  One reader said she would just get Wendy’s Chicken Sandwiches, if all the stores haven’t been burned down in riots.

SE:  That is stooopid.  What is the opportunity ?

Kiss My Ring Cat:  Amigo is opening a chain of shoe shine stands.  Here is his first one, for ladies only.

Naturally we will have capes to cover our customers legs, like barbers or beauty salons use.  A lot of clothing now-days can be a little too revealing. You never know Paige Spiranac might stop by to get her golf shoes cleaned.

Here are some more fools on the Progressive Democrat side.  Who will protect their money and persons without the Police ? Who will protect our school children ?

Just buy Eskimo Pies, if you can find their new name.

This is a great idea.

Someone has to stop the Demo-BLM-Antifa thugs.  They moved from police brutality to social justice, what ever that means.

Here is a song by R. Nelson, from the olden days.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Galaxy, the Planet, and the Apple Tree
Image Credit & Copyright: Kristine Richer

Explanation: The Old Astronomer’s Milky Way arcs through this peaceful northern sky. Against faint, diffuse starlight you can follow dark rifts of interstellar dust clouds stretching from the galaxy’s core. They lead toward bright star Antares at the right, almost due south above the horizon. The brightest beacon in the twilight is Jupiter, though. From the camera’s perspective it seems to hang from the limb of a tree framing the foreground, an apple tree of course. The serene maritime nightscape was recorded in tracked and untracked exposures on June 16 from Dover, Nova Scotia, planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space