Read & then watch video clip…


The attached is a recording from a car dash camera of a Los Angeles Police car in pursuit. The recording is only a minute or so in length.

This is a good justification of why the police should have such dash cams. Think of how vivid and accurately what happened can be communicated to a potential jury of the event. If YOU had experienced this chaotic event, without the dash-cam recording, how well could YOU explain to a jury of your peers what happened? According to “Black Lives Matter” officials, the black guys were not actually shooting at the cops. They’re just a couple of innocent guys en route to their college enrollment when the cops shot them IN THE BACK because they were black.

Of course, that explanation from BLM was made before the dashcam video capturing the chase and the shooting was publicly released by the police. Unfortunately, before the truth came out, local news reports indicated that this incident was just one more example of police targeting young blacks.

Sheila’s Understanding of Californians

I have noticed that a large number of people are implying, with bad jokes and anecdotes, that Californians are not real smart.

I would like to state for the record that I disagree with that assessment.

Anyone who would build cities on the San Andreas Fault and in the path of the annual Santa Ana winds….and then fill those cities with Democrats…

is a Damn Genius.


I’m an Eagles fan….LOL