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ON MY SOAPBOX….Defending my castle



CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Open and read the link at the bottom of this post.

So what can law abiding citizens (this couple is law abiding citizens) do?

Well, I guess we could steal guns from Democrats. They don’t want  ‘nasty ole guns’ around their house anyway. Ask Beto O’Rat. Do not REGISTER the guns after you steal them. Leave them registered in the name of the Democrat. What if the Democrat reports the gun stolen? Why in the world would they do that? That would be self-shaming. They would be admitting they owned a ‘nasty ole gun’ in the first place.

Would I shoot a person with my gun that I stole from a Democrat? Of coarse not…

Unless I felt the lives of my loved ones, my own life or my castle were threatened. For example…IF an angry mob tore through my gate and were trespassing on my private property. I would wear gloves of coarse, as I fired my ‘Stolen from a Democrat’ gun. Then toss the gun casually into the chaotic crowd as they run.

When the Defunded Police arrive and ask me who the gun belongs to… I would merely suggest that they check the registration.

Of coarse my plan is the product of an over-active imagination. It could never really work.


Does the Second Amendment Give People the Right to Own Any Type of ...






The Editor:  Are you studying new words, LL ?

Lexicographer Cat:  I was.  I don’t like irregardless being considered proper, but it’s no big deal.

This is one word the dems and MSM need to research.

Here are two words everyone who believes in the Constitution should be wary of.  Comprehensive and transform.  As a matter of fact when ever a politician wants to change our country they should list the changes.  The words mentioned above actually mean screw you and America.

If the dems want to make some changes they can enforce the current laws, get someone to read and explain the Constitution to them,  and remove all the walls and fences from their houses, except the one they live in.

Here is a secret video of a strategy session in Biden’s Bunker.

This is Biden’s campaign song, something we can all understand and get behind.