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The family that owns the New York Times were slave owners.  We want justice.


Ghislaine’s  Adventures.



The Could Be Editor:  Is America changing the National Anthem, LL ?

Bombs Bursting In Air Cat:  No.  Here is an article from the Lost Angeles Times ( I reference them to see if their office has moved to Beijing China, ( the home of the NBA and Nike ).  The NFL will soon join them–the moving trucks are on the way.

Shaft and Super Fly will make it before anything the Beijing Times prints.  Here is one candidate singing ” Can I Lean on You “.

These are some things that print reporters must learn to be masters of their craft.  This is also why most of the fools are on cable, and make-up their news.

Barkley wants equality, not hate like the New York Times.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Comet NEOWISE and Nebulae
Image Credit & Copyright: Jarek Oszywa

Explanation: Would you brave wild animals to photograph this sky? One astrophotographer did — and we all get to reap the rewards. First, thousands of stars were visible with many of the brightest impressively blue. Next, several red-glowing nebulae were discernible, including the California Nebula on the far right, and, above it, the Heart and Soul nebulae. But the real reason to brave the local wildlife was Comet NEOWISE, visible on the left. In the featured long-duration composite taken last week, Comet NEOWISE‘s blue-glowing ion tail points straight up, away from the rising Sun, while the Sun-reflecting dust tail trails off toward the right. The picture combines three exposures taken consecutively over 10 minutes from the same location near Miedzygórze, Poland. A moonlit dirt road shows the path ahead, while the Śnieznik Mountains is visible on the horizon. Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) passes its closest to the Earth next week, after which the 5-km wide, evaporating, icy dirtball will fade as it glides back to the outer Solar System.

Tomorrow’s picture: not NEOWISE