Call the mortician…His last brain cell has died

In all fairness, I think Gaffe Joe is saying “I’m gonna BE Joe Biden”, rather than beat Joe Biden…but who knows? With that disconnect between his brain and mouth, he could be saying anything. He needs to drag a tall Oak tree to his basement and take up whittling as a hobby. He could whittle out a giant statue of his boyhood friend and idol, Corn Pop.

-Sheila Tolley-


You Gotta Love…..

Funny pics from the internet

The roof painter

Look at him, what a plonker.

The Cat Who Made A Bad Decision

You can see it on his face that he's not a lilo man.

Mark with a “C”

The greatest Starbucks name fail ever, even better than Clint's.

It could have happened to any of us really.

The classic cake failure

All the more funny when you think about how long it would take to pipe this.

The learning curve

You've got to make some mistakes once.

Another cat who made a bad decision

That's a sad kitty.

A story in 4 parts

He's one of them now.

The squirrel who fell

I think he was fine though.

The stapler from floor four

He had a lovely time.

Grown ass man stuck in playground

He's probably still there.

School teachers?

He was a good student.

The thought Process

Sometimes you just know, you know?


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