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Shall we ponder?


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 Should the Pyramids be torn down since they were built by slaves?

While we are getting rid of stuff, let’s get rid of rap music that promotes violence and hate.

Are we the only country dumb enough to start another civil war because we are offended by the first one?

If rioters come to your area, please remember, don’t be a litterbug.  Pick up your brass.

Racist.  Noun.  Someone who opposes race riots.

It took Nancy Pelosi 34 years to get offended by those Confederate statues.

50 years of Affirmative Action is finally paying big dividends for America, huh?

The communists living within the CHAZ “country” of Seattle have run out of food and supplies and are now begging for help. Welcome to actual communism, you morons!

Maybe it’s the people, not the police, that need better training.

I haven’t seen a single welfare office set on fire anywhere.

Our country will become a better place when everyone realizes there are only two kinds of people in it … Good people and bad people.  Ethnicity doesn’t matter.

BLM  = Burn.  Loot.  Murder.

In 1933 Hitler appointed Hermann Goring Minister of the Interior.  His first orders were to defund and eliminate police departments so that they would not interfere with his Brown Shirts whose mission it was to riot, burn, beat up, and kill citizens in an effort to sway the elections.

Are you being treated poorly by the police?  Well, have you tried not breaking the law to see if that helps?

Does anyone see the irony in the fact that the Floyd funeral spectacle had a police escort?

Minneapolis has a Democrat police chief, a Democrat mayor, and a Democrat governor; yet the Republicans and Trump are at fault.

Strange how you can watch a televised funeral with hundreds in attendance after being told you can’t go to your own family’s funerals or your own family’s kids graduations.  Think maybe you’re being played?




Our government has continued to sell us out to the Chinese Communist.

Vote Democratic.


The continuing story of days of Maxwell’s remaining short life.


The Health Editor:  Is the title a famous quote, about heroic men going into battle, LL ?

Make Believe Cat:  No.  It’s from a book about the Korean War.  We still have such men and women, but this article is about the ones who didn’t make the grade.

The ones who failed have a psychotic problem where they lose contact with reality.  It’s called TDS.  The Atlantic is a left wing Democratic/Communist publication, but is serves my purpose.  It’s a perfect example of TDS.

The sad part is these open-border-creeps want to destroy America.  They will side with terrorist, North Korea, the Chinese Government, the Iranian Mullahs, and anyone else who wants to harm Americans ( you ).  Here is one of the most recent lies from NBC.

A lying science reporter, he must not have lied enough for the global warming-climate bunch.  Believe the science.