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ON MY QUOTEBOX…If you waitin’ on ME, Yo’ shoes gonna BE scruffy and dull

“Red, Yellow, Black and White…They are precious in his sight…Jesus loves the little children of the world. Do you remember that little catchy song from your childhood? I do. It was one of my favorite little childhood songs at church.

BUT….I AIN’T shining nobody’s DAMN shoes. Black people will need to stop by Chick-Fil-A  for that little benefit. Dan (The Chicken Man) Cathy will personally shine them for you.

Stop on by and see Dan da’ Man now….and always wear clean underwear. Like your Mama  said ‘You may get killed in a wreck.’ So you always need clean underwear and buffed, shiny shoes.

‘Cause Jesus Ain’t gonna have no laundromat and  shoe-shine booth in Heaven.'”

-Sheila Tolley-



Kayleigh’s press conference picks up at about minute 52.


The  Editor:  What can’t be true, LL ?

The Aquidneck Cat:  The whole thing is a scam.  The State of  Rhode Island and Providence Plantations  isn’t even an island.  The island name kind of stuck as four ( 4 ) settlements merged.  Aquidneck Island was where it started.  As soon as they killed enough Native Americans they moved to the mainland.,-72.0583464,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e43514620ed70f:0x1e4e18bce7c106e7!8m2!3d41.5800945!4d-71.4774291

TE:  Do you know of other names that morphed into something different, TAC ?

Just across a few miles of ocean is where Ted ” Chappaquiddick ” Kennedy got the name Murky.  There are many real reports and books on Ted’s accident.  One reported that if he had a couple  more empty liquor bottles in the Olds, it might still be floating.

I like this ad in the Nation Lampoon about Ted.

Here are some states named after Native Americans.

The news media, Democrats, and violent groups want to do away with our English language, culture, and borders.  I’m keeping plantation, masters, and a few others.  The morons don’t understand that every new generation inherits the mores, values, and culture of their ancestors.

You are never going to buy the world a coke or shine someone’s shoes and reach peace & justice.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Our Rotating Earth
Video Credit & Copyright: Bartosz Wojczyński

Explanation: Has your world ever turned upside-down? It would happen every day if you stay fixed to the stars. Most time-lapse videos of the night sky show the stars and sky moving above a steady Earth. Here, however, the camera has been forced to rotate so that the stars remain fixed, and the Earth rotates around them. The movie, with each hour is compressed to a second, dramatically demonstrates the daily rotation of the Earth, called diurnal motion. The video begins by showing an open field in Namibia, Africa, on a clear day, last year. Shadows shift as the Earth turns, the shadow of the Earth rises into the sky, the Belt of Venus momentarily appears, and then day turns into night. The majestic band of our Milky Way Galaxy stretches across the night sky, while sunlight-reflecting, Earth-orbiting satellites zoom by. In the night sky, you can even spot the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. The video shows a sky visible from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, but a similar video could be made for every middle latitude on our blue planet.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space