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Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Vietnam Memorial

“I truly hate the people who vandalized this memorial.”
-Sheila Tolley-




The continuing story of Ghislaine Maxwell, and her remaining days.



The Righteous Editor:  Do we get two topics today, LL ?

Blue Bell Cat:  Our loyal readers are certainly lucky today, it’s like getting two scoops of yummy ice cream.  They get a pick’em in the first section.  Pick one of the following videos, and see who you want enforcing the law for you and your family.  One is a Democrat and the other is a Republican.

I have a third, late entry, candidate.  This guy must have felt like he was in New York as the rats kept coming down the hallway.  Good shooting.

The other topic is Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.  As I previously reported Atlanta was the city too busy to hate when the rest of America was having a ” riot a month ”  during the sixties and seventies.  They had the Olympics and  were called the next great international city.  That all fell apart a few weeks ago.  The mayor and Democratic government fell short of almost everything.

I hope this is my next to last article on the ATL.  Maybe my next will be on who is tried first, the District Attorney or the policeman.

The Fulton County District Attorney ( Atlanta )  seems to have some personal ethics problems.

Don’t read the comments on this article.

I make fun of guns because if I didn’t I would go crazy.  Remember, learn how to use a gun, keep it away from kids, and know your local laws.  A liberal official can mess up your day.