5 thoughts on “Vietnam Memorial

  1. Sheila,
    Please add Parler to your icons to be able to share this and other wonderful things on your site.

  2. Good morning, Elaine…I have contacted WordPress and they informed me that they do not support Parler as a sharing option. If I could go back 7 years I WOULD NOT BE USING WORDPRESS FOR MY BLOG. I replied back to ask them WHY they do not support Parler. If they are honest, they will answer that “We are a bunch of LIBERAL TWITTER & FACEBOOK KISS ASSES HERE AT WORDPRESS.” You and I know that it would be a terrible crime for Conservatives to have an honest platform in this CENSORED WORLD WIDE WEB OF LIBERAL PROPAGANDA. Do pass the word that WordPress sucks for me. BUT, I hope you will not leave because of their stupidity. I really appreciate your support and feedback, I hope you will continue forwarding my posts. Elaine. In fact…I am hoping you will get a chance to read my reply to you before the WordPress Police deletes it. I wish they had Twitter and Facebook shoved up their liberal asses. If I spoke French, I could have dressed my reply to you much prettier… LOL
    Bye. bye now.

  3. Hello again, Elaine…This is WordPress’ reply to my WHY question…… Every platform has some certain features.Even I haven’t seen many people using Parler because it’s only a US-based news platform that’s of no use for people from different countries.WordPress.com has sharing options that can work for everyone in the whole world………………………………………………………..My reply: People from different countries are of no use to me. COVID 19 has been shared with everyone in the whole world too. AND it AIN’T a good option either.

  4. Parler has hoards of people signing up each day.
    Many more coming on as we are all sick of Twitter et al banning posts they don’t like.
    Why would you not want to include this legitimate social network site?
    Are you more interested in world views as long as it doesn’t include Americans?
    What are you afraid of?
    Thank you.

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