I am proud to say that I was brought up in a family who had morals, manners and respect for others.

It has taken me seventy years to shed those positive attributes. Actually, my positivity did not Jump ‘Sheila Ship’ until the recent election conversion took place. Like a Thief In The Night…Republicans were robbed…but maybe not….It Ain’T Over Until Donald Trump Tells Me It Is Over.

What I wish to point out today are obvious weird phenomenon that will take your mind off this PENDING ELECTION!


Zuckerberg and Dorsey to be quizzed by Senate following Biden vote victory - BBC News

Really, I am so serious…look closely at Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t you want to draw some bangs and a mustache on him? Nothing will convince me that he is not a reject child of the royal family. I guess the sun does not shine in England. He is whiter than milk-of-magnesia. The least the billionaire could do is help his brother, Prince Andrew, who was stupid enough to hang around with Bill Clinton as they molested children.

You have seen, Twitterman….Jack Dorsey, the freak on the right before, allow me to refresh your memory. I know you remember the famous GEICO lizard commercials. I always loved that little lizard. Then GEICO decided they should expand their base. You know, like “The New Coke” fiasco. Jack Dorsy auditioned for the “It is so easy a caveman can do it” segments.

The rest is history, people.

Hunter Biden stumbled onto these two at a strip bar in Arkansas and said…

“Hi there, I am the son of ‘The Big Guy’….Follow me, I want to introduce you to this Chinese fellow. He will make your fortune cookie be forever sweet. Just a small piece of advice, I learned the hard way…..Use a condom with these strippers.”


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