ON MY SOAPBOX…..Searching for a synonym



Like most baby boomers, I was raised to have manners and to show respect for others. This was especially true with what was called “My Elders.” You could bet your Candy Cigarettes and Atomic Fire Ball on that!  One of the very first rules a child learned was that when an Elder asked you a yes/no question…your response would always be followed by Ma’am or Sir. There were no exceptions to that rule.  

I can remember when using the word “HATE” was synonymous with cursing. It was OK to “not like” something but it was never OK to “hate” it. That rule applied to the food on your plate, your neighbors, your teachers, television shows, etc. It applied to everything.

I say all that to say this….I have searched high and low to find a synonym that I can substitute for the word HATE in my conversations and posts in this New, Woke, Modern world. There is not one to be found. They just do not work.

I have tried loathe, detest, abhor, despise, abominate. They simply don’t fit. Those words would work fine if I were writing about ex-husbands, road construction, anchovies, pitbull dogs, etc. They simply do not have enough OOMPH to describe my feelings about the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Democrats.

It has taken me seventy years, but I have finally learned to HATE. Why not? I am finally WOKE. I think I deserve an award for reaching this new level of emotion. After all, Governor Cuomo is receiving the International Emmy Founders Award for killing the most old people in nursing homes during the first wave of Covid.

Call me selfish, but I certainly think I deserve the National Emmy Award of LSC Democrat Hatred. It took me seventy long years to get to this point, DAMMIT…and I want my award!!!!

I even maintain a Daily Hate List of my LSC Democrat Devils. Once a person gets on my list, they are never removed. They are simply moved up or down on my list. I have so many battling for First Place I may need to resort to mail-in ballots to break the tie.


2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…..Searching for a synonym

  1. I have a similar list. I say in public that I hope they retire. What I really mean is that I hope that they, their children, family, pets, and friends are burned to death in house fires.

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