ON MY SOAPBOX… Shortage of what?



Everyday, I become more amazed. It seems that life is pretty simple, then moments later…I am totally confused. I am an old but inquisitive lady.

When did America develop a shortage of Whores? If you wish to fancy up my query….. just let me know  when prostitutes, harlots, trollops, sluts, strumpets, hookers, hussies, floozies, tramps, etc. were in short supply. I am almost seventy years old and it seems to me that the Law Of Supply And Demand of Whores has been pretty much stabilized in America since the days of The Old West.

Yet, a Whore Shortage crept into California. There is no other excuse for Democrat Rep Eric (makes me puke) Swalwell’s behavior.

I ask myself, why could he not be satisfied “Bumping Boots” with an American whore who had poor taste in men? Nope. He had to “Knock Nikes” with a Chinese National Spy named Fang Fang.

Damn, Swalwell,..even crooked, thieving, sorry Hunter Biden chose an American Arkansas stripper to impregnate. Grandpa Joe always forgets to include “this new blessing” in his number of grandchildren, but that little Biden blessing is still in Arkansas. Grandpa Joe and Daddy Hunter will hear Little Rock calling for a long time.

In the good old days, Eric Eric and Fang Fang would have been sent to Sing Sing.



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