ON MY SOAPBOX…How low can you go?



I’ll bet you thought I was going to be writing about the Limbo after reading that title? No, but I will leave that song for your entertainment at the end of my post.

Garth Brooks, the country music singer, a Republican (RINO), will again cross party lines to bring some twang to the presidential transition. “This is a great day in our household,” Brooks said in announcing his participation on Monday. “In our household, this is not a political statement; this is a statement of unity.”

That is TOO FUNNY!  Garth will be twanging behind a newly installed 10 foot fence guarded by 25,000 National Guards…Talk about UNITY.  LOL.

I have always heard that many country songs are based on true stories, lost loves, pick-up trucks, etc.

We know for DANG sure that TWANGY Garth wrote one song with a true title, because he obviously has:






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