IT SEEMS TO ME….Third party option



During the past few months we conservatives have finally begun to wake up to the fact that the democraps have been waging war against us and the country in general, while we stood by and refused to believe they might not play by the rules. We have just begun to realize that honesty and fairness mean little or nothing to them if it might obstruct them from gaining the power they so desperately desire, and have now achieved. With them in power and the supreme court clutching their pearls while trying to avoid political controversy, we’re going to have to straighten this mess out however we can. The American Thinker, a conservative think tank  ( has a post today (2/2/21) entitled The “Fight That Lies Between Status Quo and Secession” that offers hope. Nullification seems like a good option, the democraps have been using it successfully for quite a while.

Despite what Rush Limbaugh thinks I think a third party is a realistic possibility. It provides an option for those centrist Democrats, who avoid the Republican Party simply because it is the Republican Party. You know the type, they say “There ain’t no way I’m voting for a Republican.”

We’ve just concluded four years of a President with very few faithful allies in the House and Senate. President Trump was in essence a third party President, and he was much more effective than other recent Presidents. Many of those who claimed to be allies routinely stabbed him in the back whenever they chose. The Never-Trumpers were probably the most slimy creatures in the swamp. We Conservatives have a formidable challenge and I don’t think the Republican Party is up to the task. Most no longer deserve our support.

At least that’s the way it seems to me.

The Liberal Dilemma


One thought on “IT SEEMS TO ME….Third party option

  1. While I have been a life long Republican I feel a third party would be and is necessary for this country to save itself. I would support a third party if It could stay independent of the people that support the two currant parties. Both parties are in the hands of BIG MONEY and they do what the big money wants.
    If voted for Trump in both elections as I could see he was not in the hands of the big money. If he were to run again I would still vote for him…

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