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ON MY SOAPBOX…I Ain’t no ornithologist



I have a bird feeder in my yard that I fill and maintain all year.  I also have a bird bath. I enjoy watching the birds. That being said, I had to google “ornithologist” to be sure I spelled it correctly. So, for sure…I am no specialist in birds. I know cats are their primary natural enemy and that about sums up my bird knowledge.

BUT, I am sure that everything seems to be political nowadays and Cowbirds are Democrats.

Brown-headed Cowbird | Bird Gallery | Houston Audubon

These birds are infamous for laying their eggs in other birds’ nests. The female cowbird notes when a potential host bird lays its eggs, and when the nest is left momentarily unattended, the cowbird lays its own egg in it.

The female cowbird may continue to observe this nest after laying eggs. Some bird species (most likely Republicans) have evolved the ability to detect such parasitic eggs, and may reject them by pushing them out of their nests. But, the female cowbird has been observed  attacking and destroying the remaining eggs of such birds. As a consequence, this dissuades further removals.

These are true facts about Cowbirds. It does not take a vivid imagination to visualize BLM and other Democrats wearing a brown hat and black feathered frocks. I can just see them now, can’t you? Looting, destroying, and TWEETING about reparations.

The next thing these sorry, thieving cowbirds will demand is that we…..







Our loyal readers in The Caribbean should keep an eye on Elsa.


This is great.  The dems can start talking about packing the court again.


The University of North Carolina has approved academic fraud and made up lies.


Here is your one-world government.  China and Russia are giving 0, that leaves America and Europe to pony-up.

This is like Original Sin that some Christians believe man was born with.

These are just Christian ideas, wait until we get to the Muslim beliefs.


Another statue is vandalized.

In the land of electric cars, there isn’t enough electricity to charge them.  I love it.


The Editor:  What’s up, LL ?

I’m Too Busy Cat:  I hope this guy beats the politicians.

We know Facebook is a Democrat organization.

Meghan’s book called semi-literate.

Bitcoins are as safe as your meds, with Hunter Biden visiting.

Pigeons and dogs are having a tough time.

Ka-Blooey is concerned that the Chinese might not treat minorities equal.

This entertainment song is for UNC for choosing make believe scholastic  pursuits.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Along the Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Rolf Weisenfeld

Explanation: You can’t walk along the Milky Way. Still, under a dark sky you can explore it. To the eye the pale luminous trail of light arcing through the sky on a dark, moonless night does appear to be a path through the heavens. The glowing celestial band is the faint, collective light of distant stars cut by swaths of obscuring interstellar dust clouds. It lies along the plane of our home galaxy, so named because it looks like a milky way. Since Galileo’s time, the Milky Way has been revealed to telescopic skygazers to be filled with congeries of innumerable stars and cosmic wonders.

Tomorrow’s picture: Facing Mars