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The Liberal Democrat mayors and governors have let their cities turn into animal like hell holes.  Kids in strollers, cars, and mother’s arms are shot and stabbed.  Old people using walkers are beaten and robbed by the animals.  You go Cuomo, Bowser, and Blasio.


Why should Republicans vote for the Biden/Pigleosi bill ?  Let all of them die in committee.  Most of the money goes for 1619, CRT, and other destroy America crap.


Do you remember Gardner ?  She was the one who indicted the lawyer and his wife.  Three murderers went free because she is a racist.  This is why I only work for the entertainment value.  America is still doomed.

Vaccine news.


NPR says all Blacks look alike to them.

Biden says unemployed ICE employees will be reassigned to guard HOR members families.


Thank you dems.


Breaking News—It’s coming, it’s almost here.

Dogs escape from the Hunter Biden Art School and make a million dollars painting a house.


Election news.

Thieves have closed half of the Rexall Stores in California.  They have moved up to TJ Maxx, is Rodeo ( Roday-o ) Drive next ?


The Love Editor:  Is this like a parable or something Jesus said, LL ?

He Ain’t Heavy-He’s My Brother Cat:  It’s how things can get out of control if fools aren’t confronted about their stupid ideas.  Changing names from their place of origin is stupid.  Do like Nancy Reagan did, “Just say no”.  Remember continents, cities,  and states, aren’t people—they are locations.

This is a tough one.  Consider it a warning on some things that can be hazardous if you aren’t prepared to negotiate them.  I am pointing out some things that could be racial slurs.  You can be prepared if you cross their path.  Nabisco is closing a plant in New Jersey so some people won’t say–he wants to be like an Oreo, black outside and white inside.

Coconuts will soon be painted blue so people can’t say–he wants to be a coconut, brown outside and white on the inside.

Bananas will be sold only unripe when they are green–people can’t say he is yellow on the outside and white inside.

Only green apples will be sold, so someone can’t say he is red outside and white inside.

If you follow these warnings you will avoid many troublesome situations.  Among other things, signs give warnings and directions.

Wikipedia has a long list of slurs.  Ethnic includes  almost everyone.

The dems/media have the same old racist slurs.

The best way to eliminate the slurs I listed is to get rid of White people.  The libs, msm, dems, GLBTQI’s  are trying their best.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Edge of Space
Image Credit & Copyright: Ralf Rohner

Explanation: Where does space begin? For purposes of spaceflight some would say at the Karman line, currently defined as an altitude of 100 kilometers (60 miles). Others might place a line 80 kilometers (50 miles) above Earth’s mean sea level. But there is no sharp physical boundary that marks the end of atmosphere and the beginning of space. In fact, the Karman line itself is near the transition between the upper mesophere and lower thermosphere. Night shining or noctilucent clouds are high-latitude summer apparitions formed at altitudes near the top of the mesophere, up to 80 kilometers or so, also known as polar mesopheric clouds. Auroral bands of the northern (and southern) lights caused by energetic particles exciting atoms in the thermosphere can extend above 80 kilometers to over 600 kilometers altitude. Taken from a cockpit while flying at an altitude of 10 kilometers (33,000 feet) in the realm of stratospheric aeronautics, this snapshot captures both noctilucent clouds and aurora borealis under a starry sky, looking toward planet Earth’s horizon and the edge of space.

Tomorrow’s picture: crescent father and son