ON MY SOAPBOX…Stone Mountain has been stolen



I had the opportunity to visit Stone Mountain Park on Friday night. At least, I thought that was where I was going…until I got to the location at 1000 Robert E Lee Blvd. I have been to the laser show two times in past years before it was stolen.

It always brought tears to my eyes as I listened to Elvis Presley sing about Dixieland. The large crowds would become totally silent as Elvis sang the song. So much respect, followed by so much applause, as the song ended. Well, that respect and applause does not exist anymore.

Why not, you may ask? Well, just in case you need another reason to vote Governor Brian Kemp out of office. Here we go!

Kemp appointed Pastor Abraham Mosley as the first black leader of The Stone Mountain Memorial Association. It goes down-hill, or down-mountain, from that moment. Pastor Mosley immediately announced that his goal was to “Move the mountain forward.” Since Idiot Kemp has appointed the Black Pastor, here are a few of his Mountain Moving Moments:

The Confederate Flag has been removed from the Walk-Up trail.

Confederate Hall has been renamed Heritage Hall.

The public displays acknowledge history of the mountain with the KKK and confederacy.

Confederate artifacts and monuments are being moved to a consolidated area.

The Laser Show:

The very first scene displayed on the mountain is about the importance of Diversity.

That is followed by pictures of enough black people to destroy Minneapolis again.

Then…they start playing a raped and murdered version of Elvis singing about Dixieland. Any sentence that had the word Dixie, Cotton, etc. in it is deleted.

The announcement was shown on the mountain to Please Stand. Then our National Anthem was played. I felt pride in my heart. Then they…

Without any pause, started playing the Black National Anthem.

The  horses no longer move on the mountain.

A flash of Mount Rushmore is shown with Martin Luther King’s head.

Your ticket to the laser show includes unlimited popcorn and WOKE COKE.

Rumor has it that some modifications will also be made to the engraving.

My opinion:

Save your money. Do not give these people a single penny. Conversation with the Security Guard gave me the one piece of good news for the night. He said…”The big crowds have stopped coming to Stone Mountain Park, as well as, the laser show.” The parking lot was practically empty. That produced my first smile of the night as I was leaving.

( God knows what I feel in my heart. So I am guilty whether I say it out loud or not…)

“I HATE all American-Hating people who are tearing down my country. By the way, Pastor Mosley….you need to cut a trail to the OTHER side of the mountain and fix it up anyway you like. Engrave George Floyd, Joe Biden, George Soros, Martin Luther King, Jr, Michael Jackson, Brian Kemp, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, O.J. Simpson, etc.

There is only one reason you cannot do that simple little task. It is because the majority of the Black race are tearer-downers, not builder-uppers. Why don’t black groups build statues and leave other historical statues alone? Why doesn’t BLM encourage building stores or buying franchises rather than burn and loot those that do exist? Your BLM leader has purchased 4 new homes from stolen contributions? Why do black people allow that to happen? 

Since your race is so good at eliminating history, why don’t they just eliminate the period of slavery instead of pushing CRT? When you start on your side of the mountain, be sure you dedicate a massive amount of time and space to all the white people who died in The Civil War so that the Democrat slave owners were forced to free their slaves.”

Sheila Tolley

Your last chance to watch this….

“Trust me on this….the following  2004 video segment will soon be deleted and swept into the ever-growing YouTube dustbin of History. It contains that terrible word that is worse than the “F” word. It contains the “D” word….DIXIE.

OMG, what was Elvis thinking?”
-Sheila Tolley-



SHOPPING…African-American Style

The BITCH Speaketh…

“How would THE BITCH feel if  Chelsea and little Charlotte were at the receiving end of these black fists? I would sure love the chance to ask her that question face-to-face. I would even prepare dinner for her….I make a delightful Hemlock Salad!”
-Sheila Tolley-



Obama’s DACA program is declared illegal.  The dems are crying.  Trump offered the DACAs a pathway to citizenship for money for the border wall.  The dems turned him down.



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Sneak them in Joe, you are a miserable creature.  I hope your remains are buried in a nuclear generating plant storage pond.



Why isn’t Atlanta’s Mayor running for reelection ( Keisha Lance Bottoms ) ?


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The New Wave Editor:  Are the Greeks stirring up things again, LL ?   It seems only 2,500 years ago when they couldn’t stay out of trouble.

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The money for this came from Biden’s last gift to Sanctuary States ( borrowed USA tax money ).