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Get the truth here first.  The Marxist Democrats are trying to change the name of The Critical Race Theory ( CRT ) to  ” common knowledge “.  Keep protesting at your local school boards.

The Champlain Diary.


Would your HOR member or Senator qualify as an extremist ?

Let’s allow all lawmakers to  be prosecuted for not enforcing laws.

Joe’s spread of the Wuhan Flu is a wonder.  Does Joe have a secret identity ?


I wonder if the funeral homes in Chicago and NYC are owned by politicians.

Any teacher violating the law should be arrested in the classroom.


The Translucent Editor:  What is invisible, LL ?

The Concealment Cat:  A bunch of things are disappearing under the dems.  The Durham Investigation is one.

Honesty and ethics continue to elude one of our 18 make believe intelligence agencies.

Sand Castles are only made with a bucket and child size shovel.

Austin, Texas is as liberal as Portland, Oregon.  The R’s need to get some payback when things change.  Austin justice has disappeared.

The feds have thousands of hours of video that they won’t release.  They go back to 9-11 and continue to this minute.  Has anyone ever seen a security camera video of the airplane that hit the Pentagon ?  They have almost as many cameras in DC as pedophiles.

Are the two new senators from Georgia, USA still alive ?

North Carolina admits Marxist snakes to tenured university positions, and lets any moron import killer-exotic snakes.  You can’t see them until they spit in your eyes ( like Pigleosi ).  Nikole turned down the NC job and went to Howard University.

A Billionaire disappears, bitcoin fortune may be lost.

You can’t see climate change–try getting a HOR member or Senator to respond any communication.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Find the Moon
Image Credit & Copyright: Jimmy Westlake (Colorado Mountain College)

Explanation: Where’s the Moon? Somewhere in this image, the Earth’s Moon is hiding. The entire Moon is visible, in its completely full phase, in plain sight. Even the photographer’s keen eye couldn’t find it even though he knew exactly where to look — only the long exposure of his camera picked it up — barely. Although by now you might be congratulating yourself on finding it, why was it so difficult to see? For one reason, this photograph was taken during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow made the Moon much dimmer than a normal full Moon. For another, the image, taken in Colorado, USA, was captured just before sunrise. With the Moon on the exact opposite side of the sky from the Sun, this meant that the Sun was just below the horizon, but still slightly illuminating the sky. Last, as the Moon was only about two degrees above the horizon, the large volume of air between the camera and the horizon scattered a lot of light away from the background Moon. Twelve minutes after this image was acquired in 2012, the Sun peeked over the horizon and the Moon set.

Tomorrow’s picture: comet, planet, or star?