What has our country and world come to?

“Kamala & The Gang are despicable, yet they feel no shame. You have noticed that all these people harvesting and selling little baby body parts, promoting abortions and supporting Planned Parenthood have already been born…right?”
-Sheila Tolley-


Shameful. Absolutely Shameful.


Scary that…..

Scary that Bill Maher is my spokesman on quite a few issues!



DOES THIS EXPLAIN WHAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT ?    The Republicans should hang this on every Democrat running for office.  The teachers want your child’s mind–the Doctors want their sex.

Governor Abbott should have the Texas Rangers waiting at the airport for these work shirkers.  We want an omelet.

The flu is back.




The R’s need to keep getting Latino votes.  CNN will keep us informed.

The dems want their national police force, like Hitler’s SS.

Good news.


It must be nice.


The Photograph Editor:  Is your article really about photographs, LL ?

Kodak Cat:  No it’s just a peek on what is going on in America, once politics is not discussed.  There are still wild parts of America other than Democrat run cities.  Be careful when you are in the wild.

The Hill has all kinds of animal things.

These private-jet owning rich people are more dangerous than mother bears, and more polluting than the cows.  They feel safer in Idaho.

I would feel safer there.  It sure beats getting killed on your front porch by dogs that shouldn’t be allowed in America.  If locals won’t regulate killer dog breeds the owners should buy everyone on the block a Glock 45.

Disney Land is next.

California is the Wild West.  They voted for it.  Protest at your politician’s homes.  Hollywood and Beverly Hills will be protected.

Don’t forget the Gay Anthem.  Between the Democrat teachers, cartoons, and Disney your kids are in danger of losing their childhood.

We can’t stop with that song.  Try this one.



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