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狮身人面像,,Shī shēn rén miàn xiàng—LANGUAGE——- 111111111

Calico Cat Facts For Kids – PoC


Our National Institute of Health ( NIH ) works for China.


Champlain Tower Diary.  This is as corrupt as Kamala’s office.  Kamala’s basment is flooding at this moment. Facebook and Twitter’s Billions run the government.


All NYC candidates only want the office so they can get taxpayer chauffeured limo and security guards.  Electronic voting is worse than letting dems vote twice.  Paper Ballots-Paper Ballots.

This is funny but true.  All Democrats and government officials should have their communications broken down like this.


The Latinos are waking up to the democrat lies.  They hate the new name the left is trying to give them ( latinx )–sounds like a condom.

Biden opens up dictator school.


After the last 5 years, any Republican who votes for any Biden plan is a fool.  The news media can’t hurt you any more than they already have.

The NFL is GAY.

They twist words around.


The Language Editor:  What in the name of Xi Jinping is your title about, LL ?

Progress Is Our Most Important Product Cat:  That’s one version of our future letterhead.  It’s Mandarin for THE SPHINX.    Biden’s new EO said we had to prepare for printing in Chinese.

TLE:  I guess it doesn’t matter what language people use with cats or dogs.  You guys seem to speak what ever language your people speak.

That’s crazy we don’t speak any human language.  We ignore everything you say just like the Democrats ignore the laws.  As long as we get food we are OK.  Dogs want to ride in cars for some stupid reason.

Here are some current language things going on.

Brandeis is changing their use of words.  When their graduates are released into the world they won’t know what the hell is going on.

When things finally sort themselves out the only English words left will be Fuc* and Shi*.

You should send this link to everyone you know.

Amigo is getting this young woman to sell our paper edition on the town square.

Remember, American News Organizations have earned our distrust of them.  I just assume they are lying.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

AR2835: Islands in the Photosphere
Image Credit & Copyright: Michael Teoh, Heng Ee Observatory, Penang, Malaysia

Explanation: Awash in a sea of incandescent plasma and anchored in strong magnetic fields, sunspots are planet-sized dark islands in the solar photosphere, the bright surface of the Sun. Found in solar active regions, sunspots look dark only because they are slightly cooler though, with temperatures of about 4,000 kelvins compared to 6,000 kelvins for the surrounding solar surface. These sunspots lie in active region AR2835. The largest active region now crossing the Sun, AR2835 is captured in this sharp telescopic close-up from July 1 in a field of view that spans about 150,000 kilometers or over ten Earth diameters. With powerful magnetic fields, solar active regions are often responsible for solar flares and coronal mass ejections, storms which affect space weather near planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: Got telescope?