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It worked, we freed Britney, and she freed two friends.


Get your Olympic results here.  It might be the only time this year that NBC tells the truth.


The FBI has to be purged.

Will the games still broadcast in Chinese and BLM/Antifa?  Can unvaccinated fans attend games and watch on TV ?


Has any politician said, add this to the law?  All infrastructure work and products used must be done by American citizens and industries.  They won’t say it–the big bucks are going to China.

Olympic medal count.


The Exercise Editor:  This looks like a fun edition, LL ?

Barrel Of Monkeys Cat:  It sure will be.  It looks like a BIG change is coming to college football.  Two historically great teams from the Big 12 conference might join the Southeastern Conference.  They are Texas & Oklahoma.

Other news, college players can earn money for endorsements for their Name, Image, & Likeness ( NIL ).  The Supremes approved it.  I expect a major SNAFU.

Yea team.

This sport is new to me, it kind of sneaked up like Hunter being an artist.  It does involve white lines.  Pickleball, what’s not to like about that.  It seems to be a lot like tennis, but slower.  It will probably be more fun than chasing laser-dots.

With tape or chalk you could play on a tennis court or any smooth surface.

Maybe this mogul can install a Pickleball Court.

A special bee.


An Uncanny Shot Of A Nesting Falcon

I have seen many remarkable nature photographs over the years, but this photo of a nesting Falcon in an old tree is perhaps the most remarkable nature shot that I’ve ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Nature is truly breath-taking!


Please send this to your older friends, since they will probably enjoy this shot.   The younger ones don’t seem to appreciate such photos these days and probably have never seen a falcon, anyway.  They probably wouldn’t recognize it…which is such a shame!

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Fleming’s Triangular Wisp
Image Credit & Copyright: Anthony Saab

Explanation: Chaotic in appearance, these tangled filaments of shocked, glowing gas are spread across planet Earth’s sky toward the constellation of Cygnus as part of the Veil Nebula. The Veil Nebula itself is a large supernova remnant, an expanding cloud born of the death explosion of a massive star. Light from the original supernova explosion likely reached Earth over 5,000 years ago. The glowing filaments are really more like long ripples in a sheet seen almost edge on, remarkably well separated into the glow of ionized hydrogen atoms shown in blue and oxygen in red hues. Also known as the Cygnus Loop and cataloged as NGC 6979, the Veil Nebula now spans about 6 times the diameter of the full Moon. The length of the wisp corresponds to about 30 light years, given its estimated distance of 2,400 light years. Often identified as Pickering’s Triangle for a director of Harvard College Observatory, it is also named for its discoverer, astronomer Williamina Fleming, as Fleming’s Triangular Wisp.

Tomorrow’s picture: ring of fire galaxy