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The Georgia Crackers, Red Neck Pecker Woods, are next for Elsa.


This baby-killer can’t even do a fake grill.  His staff has to do everything.


There goes my Olympic viewing.

I enjoy watching ESPN having racism issues.  Disney owns them.

This pretty much says it all.

I have almost reached the point of not highlighting the Chicago shooting/murder problem.


Joe wants to take over local zoning laws and permits.  The illegals sure as hell aren’t moving into DC gated/fenced neighborhoods or in Hollywood.  The 1 million cost $750.00 each per day to support.

Trump was right again.


DNA test are coming.


The College Football Editor:  What is happening with Herschel, LL ?

A Damn Good Dog Cat:  He is running for Senator in the Peach State.  Maybe he will beat the Radical BLM creep Raphael Wornack.  Herschel won a Heisman Trophy and National Championship at UGA. Later he was a Bob Sledder in the Olympics.

As long as I am showing history, maybe Lindsey Scott should RUN–Run Lindsey Run.

It’s been 41 years.  Maybe this is the year for another National Championship.  Here is more college news.  I hope the colleges get the NCAA under control concerning their WOKE/BLM/Antifa/Hate America social positions

The NCAA should receive no money from public schools or their teams.

It looks like a Major SNAFU is in the making.  Many  colorful terms now apply to the government instead of the armed forces.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Perihelion to Aphelion
Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Jaworski

Explanation: Aphelion for 2021 occurred on July 5th. That’s the point in Earth’s elliptical orbit when it is farthest from the Sun. Of course, the distance from the Sun doesn’t determine the seasons. Those are governed by the tilt of Earth’s axis of rotation, so July is still summer in the north and winter in the southern hemisphere. But it does mean that on July 5 the Sun was at its smallest apparent size when viewed from planet Earth. This composite neatly compares two pictures of the Sun, both taken with the same telescope and camera. The left half was captured close to the date of the 2021 perihelion (January 2), the closest point in Earth’s orbit. The right was recorded just before the aphelion in 2021. Otherwise difficult to notice, the change in the Sun’s apparent diameter between perihelion and aphelion amounts to a little over 3 percent.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space