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The Champlain Tower South Diary.

Photos of the Champlain Tower South before crash.  The place is beautiful.  It is like America, once you look under the pool it even looks more like America—a filthy, crumbling rat hole with extra high tides ( MSM & dems ) washing the foundation away.

The Controlled Demolition of the remaining South Tower.


Clyburn is a creepy POS.  States give free IDs you Dung Beetle.  Try to get into the HOR with a utility bill or get on an airplane.  These people need to go to Havana for a month.

Would the defund the police replacement personnel counselor have pulled this minority member from the burning car ?  CNN would play the tape backward and show the cop putting the guy in the burning car.


Remember, no one knows what chicken is raised in America and processed in China.

Lauren has her say.


The Pentagon is involved with the Chinese Wuhan Flu.

Some BLM/Antifa/dems celebrating the Fourth.


The Dependable Editor:  What never fails, LL ?

The Not Surprised Cat:  On any day in America, a train hits a car or truck.  Usually the smaller vehicle driver is at fault.  This mini was black in color.  That is some type of racism, it’s like not giving descriptions of criminals wanted in crimes.

On any given day a new racism variant of some kind is made-up by the dems and media.  Here is today’s.

California forbids the state employees from travel to Red States.  They fear electricity will be sneaked out of the state.

Some form of the Wuhan Flu will be around forever, just like our seasonal flu.

This is the last engineer in the world not giving opinions on the Champlain Tower crash.

Joe saves women customers from harassment.  Bill Cosby is out, don’t leave any drinks unattended.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Saturn and Six Moons
Image Credit & Copyright: Mohammad Ranjbaran; MR Thanks: Amir Ehteshami

Explanation: How many moons does Saturn have? So far 82 have been confirmed, the smallest being only a fraction of a kilometer across. Six of its largest satellites can be seen here in a composite image with 13 short exposure of the bright planet, and 13 long exposures of the brightest of its faint moons, taken over two weeks last month. Larger than Earth’s Moon and even slightly larger than Mercury,Saturn’s largest moon Titan has a diameter of 5,150 kilometers and was captured making nearly a complete orbit around its ringed parent planet. Saturn’s first known natural satellite, Titan was discovered in 1655 by Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens, in contrast with several newly discovered moons announced in 2019. The trail on the far right belongs to Iapetus, Saturn’s third largest moon. The radius of painted Iapetus’ orbit is so large that only a portion of it was captured here. Saturn leads Jupiter across the night sky this month, rising soon after sunset toward the southeast, and remaining visible until dawn.

Tomorrow’s picture: through orion