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The Western states have big problems, many are self-made.

Tyson also has problems.  With chickens raised in USA and processed in China you don’t know who is poisoning you.


The MSM is a culture killer.  We have pedophiles teaching in our schools.

The Champlain Diary.


This is almost as funny as the video of media freaks saying Trump couldn’t win in 2016.

I hope the company gets the billions plus legal expenses.  Naturally,  Joe gets  ten-percent-like when Hunter makes a deal.  Maybe he will pay the Canadians with his new coin.


This is a wonder.  The rich have always lived better than the poor.

Inflation is here–it wasn’t here under Trump.  Vote Democratic.


The Wonder Editor:  Is this about being filled with wonder and astonishment, LL ?

No Cat:  It’s about Marvel Comics being an anti-American enterprise.  Guess who owns them ?   Disney–It’s no wonder that Captain America hates America as much as the ghost of Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis—killed by an American drone.  Trump told them to come to the airport and get more ransom money-like Obama gave them.

Here is breaking news, Joe’s Cabinet saves Psaki’s story of Hunter Biden from falling over from it’s own fecal content.

Americans Red School Districts should contact who ever selects the school boards and pressure them about the NEA and their Marxist plan to teach CRT.

The Second Amendment is to protect you–it’s a marvel.

Would a defund the police counselor have delivered the dinner ?

China and their construction projects are quickly influencing a bunch of the world’s countries.

It seems that anything goes.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

M27: The Dumbbell Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Bray Falls & Keith Quattrocchi

Explanation: What will become of our Sun? The first hint of our Sun‘s future was discovered inadvertently in 1764. At that time, Charles Messier was compiling a list of diffuse objects not to be confused with comets. The 27th object on Messier’s list, now known as M27 or the Dumbbell Nebula, is a planetary nebula, one of the brightest planetary nebulae on the sky — and visible toward the constellation of the Fox (Vulpecula) with binoculars. It takes light about 1000 years to reach us from M27, featured here in colors emitted by hydrogen and oxygen. We now know that in about 6 billion years, our Sun will shed its outer gases into a planetary nebula like M27, while its remaining center will become an X-ray hot white dwarf star. Understanding the physics and significance of M27 was well beyond 18th century science, though. Even today, many things remain mysterious about planetary nebulas, including how their intricate shapes are created.

Tomorrow’s picture: Iapetus 3D