I will bring Abraham Zapruder’s camera….

“Yes indeed, we have some vaccine-related common problems that need to be aired-out. Fauci, Biden & Gates. I think you three have worked so hard, you deserve a break. I am sure everyone in America wants to see you Three Clowns in person. Biden could borrow the old 1963 presidential vehicle and you three could take a little trip to Dallas. Relax gentlemen…Put the top down. Get some wind in your hair and some sunshine on your face.

Remember to bring your masks. The Millions of Texas-residing Illegal Super-Spreaders that Biden welcomed in will certainly want to see The Clown Show. In fact, bring multiple masks because the Texas Governor has Covid after taking all three of your damn miracle vaccines.”
-Sheila Tolley-

2 thoughts on “I will bring Abraham Zapruder’s camera….

  1. 100% in agreement. But, when will the vast majority of the American people be made aware of this fraud?
    Answer: NEVER! They will never be allowed to know.. Just as the Jews in Germany were never made aware of what the Brown Shirts were going to do to them.

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