4 thoughts on “FB disabled Shana’s account….Let’s help her spread her opinion far and wide….Shall we? I hope you will forward it to your entire Contact List

  1. The as$hole in the whitehouse is not going to get away with what he has done. There will be retribution and it will cost him dearly. I hope he and the bitch in the vp chair as well as the bitch in the house are tried and convicted of treason and the murder of our troops.
    They should be lined up in front of a firing squad and shot!!

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  3. Joe Biden was only elected because he cheated and scammed the American people!!!!!!!!!!
    The Democratic’s didn’t elect you their not that smart!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that you hired to fix the election did it. Biden you can’t even walk up a flight of stairs, and you think your able to run this country. I am sure you will not last your full time as president! You’re incompetency tells us that!!
    The only reason MR President TRUMP didn’t win is because you’re all crooks in congress, the senate, thought the whole government and are afraid of Donald Trump because he wants to clean the swaps!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means all you lazy ass will be booted out and then there will be terms set so it is not a life time job. THIS IS SO SAD THAT WE AMERICANS HAS TO PUT UP WITH THIS STUPIDITY OF A GOVERNMENT, AND A president like you biden. (all small letters because that what you are small)

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