ON MY SOAPBOX…It’s just a little ditty



Huddle Up America
The time is drawing near,
We will soon be separated
For at least another year.


Oh yes, I penned that little ditty just for you. I believe tomorrow, it will be proven true. (Help…I can’t stop myself from rhyming!)

Benedict Biden, the Commander of the Covid Gulag, is about to make another speech about The Chinese Virus.

His new master plan is predicted to be made public tomorrow. Of coarse, that is contingent upon someone being able to “WAKE him up, DOPE him up and STAND him up”…but we shall see.

His poll approval ratings for handling the pandemic have fell 12 points, so someone decided they should alert the old boy of that fact….Just  in case Corn Pop forgot to call.

Actually, why do poll ratings even matter? Who pays attention to them?

As proven in 2020, it does not matter how you vote, what matters is who counts the votes. The same is true for polls. The validity of the polls is insignificant, what matters is who tallies the numbers.

Yeah, I figure it would be a perfect time for PINO Biden to lock down the country again. This would be for our own protection, against the EVIL, UN-VACCINATED CROWD, of coarse. All in the name of LOVE for his fellow Americans.

After all… Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Gavin Newsom, needs a reason to:  Only allow Mail-In Votes and Drop Boxes for the California Governor recall election on September 14. All in the name of LOVE to protect his fellow Americans.

Because….Manipulated Mail-In voting and Drop Boxes worked so perfectly in 2020, remember?

So grab your beer, grab your coffee, grab your remote….PINO Biden is about to speak…..


“Let’s Get Ready To Mumble!”

When In Doubt, Mumble | Words, Funny, Quotes

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