It’s an overreaction.


If the Republicans get a HOR majority we need someone as amoral, slimy, deceitful, and unscrupulous as Pigwoman.  I want some investigations and an impeachment for not upholding the Constitution.  I want a SOB like Schumer or Joe, someone who will abandon a grandchild.

The Democratic National Committee gets a big refund.  My Pillow man wants the new contract.



The Junior Editor:  What are some of your items today, LL ?

The Improved Light News Cat:  I have a peck of goodies.  The first is that Trump is the party leader.  Take this with a grain of Karl Marx, it’s from CNN.

I hope MGM loses 200 million.

Israel discovers radiation that will kill COVID.  They might test it on dems.

California is run by monkeys.

This is not hard to believe, he must shop at Walmart.  The Republicans should hire him to go to Democratic cities and vote.

Have A Good Laugh