This is good reading.

The American government is in the same fix, but it is 30 TRILLION in debt.


Here is how America got involved in Ukraine.  Do you remember Obama, Hillgal, Benghazi, CIA, and the Arab Spring ?  This is a part of the plan that keeps popping up.


The Foreign Editor:  What’s up with other countries, LL ?

Language Cat:  The big news is that the Taliban want to join the United Nations.  For our new readers we left a few thousand friends and 26 Billion dollars in state-of-the-art military equipment for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Biden promises XI that he will replace the Constitution with the Communist Manifesto.

The Pentagon wants to know if the new Chinese bases will have gender-blender bathrooms.

Jussie is in a pickle.

The dems and media keep trying to push Latinx as a replacement for Latino.  It sounds like a condom.

Vaccine is Webster’s word for 2021. has another word for 2021.  I won’t ever use it, it is for your information.

College professors, major contributors to the destruction of our culture, thought math would be exempt from the bastardization of the English language ( woke ).