This is funny.  The wokers can’t ask the dems in the sanctuary cities to enforce the law.  I hope they all don’t go bankrupt.  This is typical big government policy–create a problem–then make more laws to solve it.

Here is the truth.


Maybe technology is helping.


The Fairy Tale Editor:  Do you know what is going on, in Oregon, with the wolves, LL ?

How Things Work Cat:  I sure do.  I have to give the basics or my point will take 9 pages.

Any place that doesn’t enforce laws/rules will be in anarchy.  Just like kids who don’t have enforced discipline.  Oregon is a sanctuary state.  The laws they don’t enforce are immigration, BLM/Antifa burning down city blocks–killing people–rapes–beatings–and general anarchy.  It spreads to other sanctuary states and cities.  Poisoning wolves is just another stick on the fire.

This is a funny animal story.  There is no other way to describe anyone who has a pet monkey.  They are killers.

The monkey story is getting more bizarre.  From the video it is easy to see that the assistant and stripper are retarded.  The only innocents involved are the biting victim, and the democratic monkey.  Austin, Texas is so liberal the monkey is probably a registered voter and a pole worker.

RIP Michael.

Maybe the large eared dems can hear this.

Where is the National Organization of Women ( NOW ) ?  As usual, they can’t decide on their beliefs or politics.

California makes two arrests.

Where is my money ?  Are those lines on your face ?





We The People…


Remembering This Great Commercial for “Boston Legal”