Christmas Tree for the Unvaccinated….



This is interesting and educational.  In the first link Saban is speaking about the media influencing his players.  The second link refers to the media’s praise of Georgia inspiring his players to play better.  I hope that the American people will turn the media lies/rat poison into a yummy treat.

Here is a gruntled employee.


This is also interesting, but Tiger didn’t teach the media–they were already corrupt–almost all Democrat Politicians get the same easy-softball questions.

Biden is a corrupt democrat.

The airlines are Democratic boot lickers.

Fredo’s replacement is on the way.


The Education Editor:   What are some educational articles, LL ?

Not Oregon Cat:  There are a bunch of stupid people that our loyal readers can learn from.  This one might win the Gold Medal–taking a one year old on a mountain hike in 109 degree temperature.  All died, even the dog.

This article reinforces a human trait.  No one gives up power, status, money, or anything they care about, peacefully ( see BLM/Antifa ).  The best examples are politicians in safe districts, states, countries.  Do you see any 70 year olds in the news ?

Canada can’t make soft butter.  Thank goodness they aren’t in a cold climate.

Listen to history, these people found that even caves could be cold. They would have loved moving to Florida, like Pigwoman.

The dems threaten more violence if embryos are considered babies.

PETA might take up the embryo challenge if they can stop French bulldog genetic selection.

For our new readers, the same dog mutation happens to Democrats, but it is their brain that is harmed.

Trump is going to replace the Radical Dems with robots ( androids ).

Androids would be a nice replacement for the violent dems.  Have you seen/heard one national dem or MSM member condemn the last 5 years of violence.