Almost everything in the Hermit Kingdom is a secret.

What would Jesus do.

Los Angeles has a secret gun store.


Is this a 2,200 year old secret ?

Bible facts.


The Alex Trebek Editor:  Are you ready for some questions, LL ?

Secret Word Cat:  I sure am, say the secret word and win a $100.00.

TATE:  What are some secrets, SWC ?

The Comeys are as filthy as the Bidens.

This is no secret.  Fredo is fired.  Here is Chris when he was called Fredo by a fan.  The talk show host the fan listened to called Chris by the name Fredo so often that the fan thought that was his name.

Portland teachers want Fridays off.  They quit teaching English, math, and writing–they should only work on Monday.

Alec says who pulled the trigger is a secret.  I believe him-his Hollywood culture is so honest.  Trump did it.

Fly me.


Smiles for Today

I love the last one!

Smiles for today