The Cowboys and Raiders have a rumble.

The NBA hero and new American citizen changes his name.


Take your best shot.  Nancy had this treatment.

Speaking of shots, you can trust people who want your guns.


The Old Editor:  For our Oregon readers, what is antiquity, LL ?

The Avenue Cat:  Antiquity is usually something before the Middle Age. Egypt is hard at work reopening their history.  We should send some Democrats over, and they would stop that heresy.

The Romans were the best.

The French Wokers are trying to turn Notre Dame Cathedral into Disney Wokerland.  The Pope is a Communist and doesn’t care.  He might want to add a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

The Ancients invented the Zodiac.

Joseph’s story is from antiquity.  Forgive the dems after they die.

The French might be too late to save their culture.

In 732 AD, the Franks defeated the Muslims at the battle of Tours/Poitiers. The Muslims left Europe, not to return until war criminals Bush 43 and Obama opened the refugee door.

Which anthem is in store for the French ?

Morning Smiles