The British Prime Minister is befuddled.

This article refers to the flu as XI, the Chinese leader, they skipped over it to use Omicron.


Wisconsin begins enforcing laws.

LeBron takes a break to make an obscene gesture.



The Everything Editor:  Do cats really care about their human partners like dogs care, LL ?

We Want Justice Cat:  Cats could not care less about people.  We would be better off without them, that’s why we try to trip them every chance we get.

New York finally evicts a squatter.  Cuomo makes two.

France is willing to give Guadeloupe its freedom.

France will also send some money to Boris for his hairdresser, and a few Euros to help Biden with the White House Holiday Tree.

Biden’s total price for the Holiday celebrations is about $250,000.00, half the price of his new fence at his beach mansion.

What is going on here ?

Give the creep quarters on the Naval Base.


Morning Smiles