These will be a space treat.

NBC ( Nothing But Crap ).  We know they are part of the Democratic Party.  FNBC and Joe.

This is bizarre.

Union Square shuts down in San Francisco.


It’s like Obama said, it’s luck not exceptionalism.

Chicago is number one.


The Technology Editor:  What’s going on with machines, LL ?

Don’t Look Back Cat:  The machines are taking over.

TTE:  I would rather the machines take over than the dems/MSM.

This might be our only hope.

Help your child before the school teachers brain wash him-her-they-them-un-maybe.

As soon as the politicians start being killed they will begin enforcing the law.  It will be to late for many, but they voted for the dems.

Jacqueline is the mother of the CEO of Netflix’s wife.  I wonder if Obama is involved ?   I sure hope the street violence permitted by Democratic Governors for 2 years hasn’t spread to the rich and famous.

Our law enforcers must be protected.

Eric protests the masks.


Some Old, Some New, All Good