ON MY SOAPBOX…Daisy Petal Picking

I can probably accurately guess the age of the followers of Tolley’s Topics. I can tell by the comments and the request for the repeat of certain posts. The majority are from The Greatest Generation or they are Baby Boomers.  For that reason, I feel comfortable the readers know what I mean by Daisy Petal Picking.

You remember…you pick a Daisy from the yard and pluck off the petals to decide if a person ‘loves you’ or ‘loves you not.’

There are so many disturbing issues going on in America today…I wish Daisy Petal Picking could solve a few of them for me. I could list the problems that really concern me, but I do not want this to be a depressing post like ALL NEWS seems to be nowadays. So, let me summarize my major negative batch of problems for you and get that out of our way. So, after you read the Bracketed Sentence below, forget it for a moment…and let’s address the new news, shall we?

{Inflation, Millions of Illegal Immigrants, War…Everything, everybody, every thought, every issue, every picture, every moment, every newscast, every minute that contains any word that can be tracked back or cause reflection or memories of our Crooked First Family, The Bidens.}

Now, let’s update the Daisy Petal Picking rules just a tad. We will change the answers to ‘I Care’ or ‘I Care Not.’

The new BIGGEST PROBLEM in America and probably the Whole World is this:

This year’s Oscars ceremony has been overshadowed by a controversial incident that saw actor Will Smith slap host Chris Rock.

((( It’s one of the most watched and celebrated evenings of the year, when Hollywood’s finest descend the red carpet and later take to their seats to learn who has impressed the Academy in this year’s film offerings. Considered one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry, many A-list actors hope to one day secure a nomination in their screen career. Though it’s only a lucky few who walk away with the golden Oscar trophy. )))

I enclosed that little segment in parentheses because it was copied and pasted, I am hoping the parentheses will serve as a fence to prevent contamination of my post.

Get outta here! With the exception of Clint Eastwood, there are no finest left in Hollywood. There are three sets of ratings in the news that are Free Falling to the bottom of the charts. 

1. The President’s Approval Ratings
2. CNN Ratings
3. Oscar Ratings

I am going this very minute and pick me a Daisy and ask my little flower, “Do I care or Do I care not….that a slapping happened at the Oscars?

I can already hear that last petal yelling…it is yelling loud like Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter, when he thought he knew the answer. It yelled:

“You care NOT A DAMN about those Oscars…and even less about the other two sets of ratings.”

I stuck that little petal-less Daisy behind my ear and smiled for hours.



4 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Daisy Petal Picking

  1. I will not watch the Oscars, or any Hollywood or Music awards. Football, or any Left wing News Crap. I Now see we need to be taking a strong look at Disney World. To be The largest entertainment for Children, they are becoming real sickos. Time to take your kids to some other Entertainment Parks because of their stand wanting more Disney characters to be LGBTQ, Cancel Culture, LGBTXYZ, also want schools to teach concepts like Sexual orientation to very young children, They are just SICK. They will never get my money.

  2. This is a Daisy ad, played once, by LBJ before lying and sending millions of Americans to HIS war. Congress should take away his family’s fortune, and make the ranch a home for veterans. He is a War Criminal.

  3. What we need more that anything else in this country is honesty in our government. But that is a dream only the foolish will believe will happen. The way our country is being run we will self destruct in 5,4,……..

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