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The Liberal Democrats on The Supremes have decided to Politicize the Court, just like the armed forces.  The opinion was leaked to put pressure on the court to change their opinion.

Sotomayor is mentioned in one article as the leaker.  It will be fun to watch the left become unhinged.  Roe was/is bad law.  This is a states right issue, not a federal power.  Any state can make their own law.



It’s entertainment, enjoy the fun.  It might have been leaked to change the subject on Biden’s crashing poll numbers.  I’m sorry the new Justice Jackson wasn’t involved in the opinion.

We need a Judge who is capable of abstract thought, not one who doesn’t know she is a woman.

I’m lying on Amigo’s freshly washed shirts, and enjoying the fun.


Musk replies to AOC.  He sounds easier to contact than my Senators or HOR creep.  Maybe he will send her and 10 other dems to Mars.

Does Putin have cancer ?

Joe is a sad hustler.


A female Ohio Republican tells rape victims to enjoy it, and then raise the baby.  Good luck to you Ohioans.

Mayorkas should be indicted.

The MLB Players Association must be asleep.  If the police/DA don’t have evidence for an indictment MLB sure doesn’t.  Let the guy play and the accusers sue in civil court, like Goldman vs. O.J. Simpson.

This woman should sue the police, the mayor, the dog owner, the governor, and make sure the owner is convicted.  I have reported on enough Pit Bull attacks for every state to ban the breed and mixed breeds.

This illusion is another reason to verify internet photos and articles.

Our Truth Minister is another whack job Biden appointee.  She also looks like the Pennsylvania woman impersonator swimmer.×9/full/1015/center/80/43c2bc79-caeb-44be-b96f-15d16b3abf2c-large16x9_daecac2a50814c1fbbf3c6c3c6cb3bc2jumbo16x9_liathomasupenn1.jpeg

The Clinton Foundation must have planned the event.  It is still a fighting offense to say Clinton in Haiti, where they screwed over thousands of hurricane victims.

If you rent a car from Hertz——–BEWARE.

The dems have corrupt DNA.


These are two enemies of freedom.  Thankfully, one is close to her ” Best Used By ” date.

The Onion’s cell looks like Epstein’s old place.


The next Republican President should pardon the January 6 protesters, and investigate why they are still in jail over a year later.  The only death was an unarmed woman killed by the Capitol Police.

Fauci is finally exposed.


The Truth Editor:  How is Trump’s media site coming, LL ?

Answer Cat:  Great, it might be open before this edition is ” put to bed “.  That’s a newspaper term occupationally stolen by Democratic politicians and Hollywood media types.

TTE:  Do you have an opinion on LGBTQIA+ people, LL ?

I don’t care what their sex practices are, but one thing is for sure, any aggressive, forceful, actions to convert children to the LGBTQIA+ community is CHILD ABUSE.  Schools are absolutely off limits for this viewpoint.

This woman should be banned from any organization related to schools or teaching.

I guess November will tell us something.

This is for Weingarten.

Interesting Facts….


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Mercury’s Sodium Tail
Image Credit & Copyright: Sebastian Voltmer

Explanation: That’s no comet. Below the Pleiades star cluster is actually a planet: Mercury. Long exposures of our Solar System’s innermost planet may reveal something unexpected: a tail. Mercury‘s thin atmosphere contains small amounts of sodium that glow when excited by light from the Sun. Sunlight also liberates these molecules from Mercury’s surface and pushes them away. The yellow glow from sodium, in particular, is relatively bright. Pictured, Mercury and its sodium tail are visible in a deep image taken last week from La Palma, Spain through a filter that primarily transmits yellow light emitted by sodium. First predicted in the 1980s, Mercury’s tail was first discovered in 2001. Many tail details were revealed in multiple observations by NASA‘s robotic MESSENGER spacecraft that orbited Mercury between 2011 and 2015. Tails, of course, are usually associated with comets.

Tomorrow’s picture: planet pyramid parade