NEWS ALERT: President Biden on Thursday announced that Karine Jean-Pierre will replace Jen Psaki as White House press secretary — becoming the First Black and First Openly Gay person to hold the position.

Does Joe Biden know any Straight, White people? In fact, does he know any Straight or Normal people at all?

I am keeping an accurate list of “Senile Joe’s Firsts” for the sake of Posterity. So if you should hear a  rumor that he has appointed a White, Straight individual for a job, that will be a FIRST and I need to know.

Meanwhile….The Village People are running America.

-Sheila Tolley-



Biden speaking about abortions calls the aborted ” a child “.


The Congressional Police should warn Feinstein, Pigleosi, Maxine, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and Durbin that there is a wild turkey loose, that they can’t outrun.


Republicans should not even mention abortion between now and November.  Just say The Supremes or each state can do what their voters want.  Run on Joe’s record.


Governor Hochul of New York is more corrupt than Andrew Cuomo, the crook who bugged out.



DeSantis, Trump, and Tucker will be targets of the sexually confused dems, until they die.


Manchin and Sinema should get awards for being patriotic ( often ).


Maybe parents realize that schools are promoting child sexual abuse.  They should be suing the teachers.


Money is what the Woke Corporations understand.


Who listens to these retards anymore ?


The lawyers will get richer.


Protect your family.


The dems still smell.



This is a sample of what print communication will look like under Biden’s Truth Czar.


Spoken communication will be in Bidenese.



This is similar to what the dem child abusers will do after the midterms–return to the same old crap.


It might be like the movie Ground Hog Day.



The Pixel Editor:  How did we run out of SUX, LL ?

The On Suspension Cat:  I asked Fluffy to order an extra ship-load, but the vendor mixed it up with her husband’s dinner.  I don’t have an excuse.  As you might guess we have nothing.


That puts us in a tight spot.

I ordered more, but it will take two weeks.

We could transfer some from Hunter’s laptop, but half are in Chinese.  Let’s just use the SUX in the New York Times until the SUX pipeline is full.  Madison Avenue SUX—no walk-ins.


They can move to Kansas City, but not Saint Louis.  St. Louis is run by an BLT Radical Circuit Attorney.



1 Chronicles 16:11 Inspirational Image

Astronomy Picture of the Day

NGC 3572 and the Southern Tadpoles
Image Credit & Copyright: Carlos Taylor

Explanation: This cosmic skyscape features glowing gas and dark dust clouds along side the young stars of NGC 3572. A beautiful emission nebula and star cluster it sails far southern skies within the nautical constellation Carina. Stars from NGC 3572 are toward top center in the telescopic frame that would measure about 100 light-years across at the cluster’s estimated distance of 9,000 light-years. The visible interstellar gas and dust is part of the star cluster’s natal molecular cloud. Dense streamers of material within the nebula, eroded by stellar winds and radiation, clearly trail away from the energetic young stars. They are likely sites of ongoing star formation with shapes reminiscent of the Tadpoles of IC 410 better known to northern skygazers. In the coming tens to hundreds of millions of years, gas and stars in the cluster will be dispersed though, by gravitational tides and by violent supernova explosions that end the short lives of the massive cluster stars.

Tomorrow’s picture: firefall by moonlight